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It is important that post-operative care is received following a surgical procedure. Metro Continued Care (MCC) has built trust with many surgeons around the region. Some of the top orthopedic surgeons have partnered with MCC to deliver comprehensive, patient-centered care in the home.

Home care can cost less and come with fewer risks than inpatient care. Patients sleep better and can recover more quickly in the comfort of their own home with skilled health care providers coming to them.

Post-operative Skilled Nursing

Post-operative Skilled Nursing

providing a range of services from full health assessment to education and management of diseases.

  • Full health assessment
  • Medication management
  • Pain management
  • Wound care and dressing changes
  • Post-operative drain care
  • Observing post-operative progress
  • Communicating the progress to your physician
  • Education and management of diseases (Diabetes, Hypertension)

Therapy Services

We evaluate and develop individualized programs specific to your needs.

  • Assess home and identify specific individual needs
  • Promote independence with daily activities
  • Modify the environment as needed with the use of adaptive equipment
  • Evaluate and develop an individual program consisting of therapeutic exercises and manual treatment to improve ROM, strength and patient’s overall functional mobility.
  • Obtain medical equipment like walkers, shower chairs, bedside commodes; ICEtherapy machines, and other supplies
  • Affiliated with Midwest Specialty Pharmacy for pharmacy refills and home delivery
Therapy Service